Apr. 22nd, 2010

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RAGE (Resistance Against Global Ecocide)
Points of Agreement
Issued APRIL 22, 2010:

Comrades, you are alive right now at this crucial moment and you carry a grave responsibility. We have one last chance to save our planet. It might already be too late, but certainly by the next generation it will be too late. Domesticated humans, here’s your chance to do something important: dedicate yourselves to stopping the murder of the Earth.

These are the Points of Agreement for Resistance Against Global Ecocide:

1) The world is being killed by deforestation, pollution, and climate change caused by a growth economy based on the burning of oil and coal.
2) Without a living planet, nothing else matters. We must urgently use all means necessary to stop ecocide.
3) The economic system (global capitalism, industrialism, civilization, kleptocracy, imperialism, the military-industrial complex, The Machine—whatever you want to call it) works by converting the natural world into dead commodities for profit. The system is structurally incompatible with a living planet.
4) Unless we stop it, this system will consume the natural world until nothing is left. We must destroy it before it kills us all.
5) Those who profit from this system will not give up their power and wealth voluntarily. They will (and do) wage war on anyone who threatens their dominance. We must fight them and win.
6) Our primary, most urgent task is to unite all who can be united to stop ecocide before it’s too late. During and after this process, we can struggle over how we want to organize society and how to live sustainably. As they say, “First kill our common enemy, then we can kill each other.”

Or, if you prefer it really simple:

1) The world is being killed.
2) We must stop ecocide immediately.
3) The economic system is incompatible with a living planet.
4) We must destroy the system.
5) We must fight the system’s enforcers, and win.
6) Unite all who can be united to stop ecocide.

Comrades, it is time to act. Defend your home, your selves, your planet. Join the Resistance Against Global Ecocide.

That is all.



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