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amazing list of good reading for young people. posting here to keep it in one place. copied off the dj forum.

r - Haugen
Crazy Horse - St. George
Black Elk - Shaw
Ishi - Peterson
Not Guilty - Sullivan

General Anti-Authoritarian
Yertle the Turtle - Seuss
The Sneetches - Seuss
The Butter Battle Book - Seuss
Anarchist Farm - Jane Doe
Harold and Maude
Table where Rich People Sit - Baylor
Tacky the Penguin - Lester
Araboolies of Liberty Street - Swope
Work, Work, Work - Quinn
Anarchist Stories for Children - DeVoy
Calvin and Hobbes Guide to Life - Banks
Children’s Guide to Nihilism - Aragorn!
Bear and Raccoon Stories - Aragorn!
Anti-Authoritarian ABC’s zine

Anti-Authoritarian Individuals
Life and Times of Emma Goldman - Emma Goldman Papers Project
A Visit to William Blake’s Inn - Willard
Zhuangzi Speaks - Chih-chung Ts’ai
The Trouble with Henry: A Tale of Walden Pond - O’Neil
A Man Named Thoreau - Burleigh
Into the Deep Forest with Thoreau -Murphy
Henry David’s House - Schnur
Walking with Henry - Locker
A Hound, a Bay Horse, a Turtle Dove - Wood
What Befell at Mrs. Brooks - Overlie
A Mind with Wings - JHusman
Luisa May and Mr.Thoreau’s Flute - Dunlap
Henry David Thoreau - Reef
Henry David Thoreau: Writer and Rebel - Stern
Henry Works - Johnson
Henry Climbs a Mountain - Johnson
Henry Builds a Cabin - Johnson
Henry Hikes to Fitchburg - Johnson

Where the Wild Things Are - Sendak
The Secret World of Duvbo - CrimethInc
I’m in Charge of Celebrations - Baylor
Super Cilantro Girl - Herrera
Math Curse - Scieszka
Piggy in the Puddle - Pomerantz
Naughty Parents - Gosney
The Way to Start a Day - Baylor
Uno’s Garden - Base

Direct Action
The Luddites - Liversidge
The Story of John Brown’s Raid - Kent
The Lorax - Seuss
Hoot - Hiaasen
Flush - Hiaasen
The Sheep Look Up - Brunner
Quest for the Faradawn - Ford
Little Squatter’s Handbook - Cordelia and Ziggy
Pom Poko (video)
Missing from Haymerket Square - Robinet
Breaking Free: The Adventures of Tintin - Daniels
Farewell to Shady Glade - Peet

Miscellaneous (Fiction/Homesteading/Self-Sufficiency)
Island of the Blue Dolphins - O’Dell
Snow Walker (video)
Fire-Us - Armstrong and Butcher
Tuck Everlasting - Babbitt
Hatchet - Paulsen
Touching Spirit Bear - Mikaelsen
Heidi - Spyri
Watership Down - Adams
The Blue Butterfly (video)
Erandi’s Braids - de Paola
My Side of the Mountain - George
One Small Blue Bead - Baylor
Lobo of the Tasaday - Nance

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Nice! Usually when I buy my presents for kids I buy books. It's the Berkeley in me! :)


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