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this is the gulf of mexico. dying. being murdered. i cried showing these photos to my children. my heart shatters into a billion more shards. there is no place for this anger. it's familiar, though. i see images of our planet being murdered all the time. forests clear cut. mountains blown up. rivers polluted. islands of trash the size of states gyrating in oceans. and the machine keeps turning. keeps eating and destroying. this one is a little more personal. my husband's ashes swim in the gulf of mexico. i've communed with the dolphins that call these waters home. i've danced in the waves of this beautiful ocean during a lightening storm. so watching its murder is indescribably more intense.

but they continue to drill. and continue to plan to drill more. and get approval for new drilling. and they continue to plan to create oil spills in the arctic so they can clean them up and learn from that. the arrogance of humanity, the greed that uses and excuses that arrogance, is unforgivable. this planet is, as far as we can tell, unique. this little niche of perfect balance that allows us these lives is being destroyed.

in perpetuation of an unnatural way of life for a small percent of humans. but that small percent of humans are so addicted to that unnatural way of life that they will continue it at all costs.

at all costs. and today a small part of that cost is the gulf of mexico.

the planet is fighting back. when are we going to join it?
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