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bio-regional animism - what i'm trying to practice:

"By definition, Bio-Regional Animism is a method of relating to the local land as the source of ones religion and culture. It is a form of personalism where other-then-human-persons including the whole bio-region itself is related to and communicated with as a person. animism gives up human dominion over the designation of who and excepts animals, forces of nature, plants, the land, and sky as equals. Bio-Regional Animism does not treat other-then-human-persons as tools or symbols, instead views then as sentient beings to be communicate with in mutually beneficial dynamic relationships, both physically and spiritually. Bio-Rregional Animism identifies the larger self as the eco-region in which one lives. Animist spiritual practice, cosmology, ontology, culture, are all expression of that larger ecological and trans-personal self.

Bio-Regional Animism is a response to the need for rediscovering and rebirth of Earth-embracing traditions. Many people are drawn to shamanism in attempt to find a way of relating to self and Earth, instead, finding that there is no shamanism. Shaman are healers and spiritual leaders designated by an animist culture. Bio-Regional animism assists others in discovering spiritual tradition as an expression of the land under their feet and the sky over their heads, and moving through their hearts. Bio-Regional Animism attempts to show us that the spirit of the shaman, as well as the animist, is an expression of the bio-region, the land itself, and forms from deeply intimate relationships with the life and spirit of those around us.

The goal of this project is to allow the land to express itself through us once again, and to reincarnate living tradition as new expressions of the land's consciousness by communing with it and celebrating our oneness with it. Bio-Regional Animism supports a diverse system of developing sacred ecological cosmologies, as indigenous minds have always done. The dream is to establish a body of work that can be shared with others, and to promote Bio-Regionl Animist communities around the world. This is to be done by establishing a network of sustainable communities based around Bio-Regional Animist Principles. Bio-Regional Animism acknowledges that we are one with our environment, we are surrounded by other-than-human-persons through relationship, and that we must live and commune in respectful ways towards them."


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