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as if i needed more....

last night the dogs kept going nuts, sadee specifically. she'd lay down (in bed with loke) then jump up, run to the door, whine and claw at it. this would, of course, rile up dood and zeke. have i mentioned how tired i am lately? so i went out to investigate. first i went to the toilet. while sitting there i heard a squeaky toy squeaking upstairs. wtf. danny was already asleep, the two little ones have set up camp in my room and won't go back to their own, so that left the cats. playing with a squeaky toy? when i don't think we even have any? sadee is a nut about squeaky toys. they send her crazy and she wants to eat them after loving them and drooling on them for ages. this is why she was going crazy. she could hear the squeak. so i went upstairs, expecting to wrestle a mysterious toy off a mysterious toy squeaking something. instead i found a baby chipmunk in the cat's claws. alive. squeaking its little 2 week old head off. i've since found what i presume was its brothers and/or sisters butts around the house. not their heads, just their butts. 4 of them. *sighs* this little one was still alive and reasonably unhurt so i grabbed it, warmed it up in my hands, and then wrapped it in a towel and put it in a box. it's still alive this morning. shock! i did some research and they cannot digest cow's milk. i landed up talking to a wildlife rehabber down in weaverville and she said either get goats milk and an egg yolk and feed it that til it's eyes open, then feed it fresh fruit, veggies, dry dog food, nuts, and seeds. or take it to her and she'll do that. i'm opting for the latter simply because i have no cage or safe space for the little thing to live in safely. shit, i can't even keep my dogs contained, how the hell am i going to keep a chipmunk contained and away from the dogs and cats. especially when its squeak sends one of my dogs into fits of joy and hysteria, dood is an expert chipmunk catcher as are the cats. so off to weaverville i go.

the little one is especially cute, though! what a darling little face. and it's still so strong, despite everything its been through.


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