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interesting post from [ profile] anthropik :

Most Americans favor more U.S. oil drilling: poll (Reuters)[Jun. 18th, 2008|02:48 pm]
Reuters - About 60 percent of Americans would
support government moves to encourage more oil drilling and
refinery construction as a way to combat soaring energy prices
-- but the same number also profess to be in favor of
conservation, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on

i'm not really interested in the poll, because i care less about polls. but the subject of more off-shore drilling, the bush/mccain (oil and war mongers) push for more off-shore drilling, is of interest.

we're in a crisis. the extraction and burning of fossil fuels is directly (though not solely) responsible for this crisis. extracting and burning more fossil fuels is not the answer. the answer, of course, is not an answer, because it means humanity becoming normal earthlings again, and power structures based on profit won't commit suicide, therefore won't ever entertain anything remotely resembling a true answer. the powers that be fully understand the crisis. they are opting to continue life as normal until it is no longer possible. extracting and burning more fossil fuels and creating and burning nuclear fuels is a way to continue business as usual until it's no longer possible. for the polar bear people, for the salmon people, for wild people the world over, for us, it is no longer possible. more and more of the planet and the planets people are being sacrificed so that the elite, the world over, can maintain their position as pseudo monarchs (pseudo because *i* don't recognize their right of place, do you?) it cannot continue. at some point, it will crash. we all know this. physics tells us this: you cannot extract infinite resources from a finite planet. "they" tell us we must continue on, even though we know it's suicide, ecocide, murder.

are we really accepting this?


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