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... you go to put gas in your car and the pump says, "price is half actual cost. double what you pump. if you pump $5, you will pay $10."

the pumps, old-fashioned ones, were made many years ago. when they were made, they were only given a 1, a 2, and a 3 for the amount of dollars, as gas was never anticipated going over $3 a gallon. so now, with gas at $4-plus a gallon, they have to halve it, to read $2 a gallon, then the pumper has to double that!

so beware old pumps! it might say $2.20 a gallon, but it actually means $4.40 a gallon! i wonder what they'll do when gas goes up to $8 a gallon. will most people be able to triple the price they see in front of them....?!
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today's "in the boonies moment":

took the trash down. nice old geezer, very helpful, told me my girls are beautiful. i told him loke is a boy, just a long-haired boy. him, "i'll call them both girls then."


you won't. you'll learn, very rapidly, that oppressing, demeaning, belittling, boxing in, genderizing, or in any way being an ignornat fuck around my children will get you a long lecture full of long words about the necessity of back country old fucks to keep their closed minds to themselves.

i stayed smiley and polite today. i said, "no, he's a boy. in fact, he's all boy, and very proud of it." not what i would say if put in the situation a second time.

strike one: i'm polite but direct
strike two: hm, well, we'll have to see about that, won't we.

i expect "in the boonies moments" to become a regular feature of this journal.


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