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internet addction.

it's crossed my mind that the internet could easily be reclassified as a drug. hillbilly commented last night that his cousin used to be a great friend of his, but then he got online, and now all he does, when he's not at work, is go online. i know many many people, myself included, that spend far more hours on the internet than they do doing anything else, even often sleeping. i know many people, myself often included, who have basically no social life outside the computer. one friend asked the other day if having no interent would mean she would then be completely alone, or whether she would, instead, begin to go out more, forge herself a life, friends, something to fill the void. i don't know the answer. i do know that the internet is, for the most part, superficial, fake, disconnected. incredibly toxic on many levels, from production to use to disposal. and yet how many of us here are hooked? how many of us here would suffer withdrawal symptoms if we had to disconnect. how many of us here now keep all their photos in digital format? our music? how many of us here have a bunch of really good friends we've made online that we've never met and probably never will?

isn't that messed up?

no wonder we're allowing the planet to be destroyed around us. we no longer have any real connections to it. we're all boxed in. sleeping in boxes, living in boxes, looking at boxes, all the sounds around us are coming from boxes, we drive in boxes, our entertainment comes from boxes. it's crazy. just plain crazy.

and the box i use the most, by far, is the one i'm typing into now. to people i know, mostly, only because of this box. i love through a box. down a wire. into another box. and then some weird way to you.

isn't that just crazy?


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