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oh, this one is too easy:

McCain proposes $300M prize for new auto battery

FRESNO, Calif. - John McCain is hoping to solve the country's energy crisis with cold hard cash. The presumed Republican nominee on Monday proposed a $300 million government prize to whoever can develop an automobile battery that far surpasses existing technology. The bounty would equate to $1 for every man, woman and child in the country, "a small price to pay for helping to break the back of our oil dependency," McCain said at Fresno State University.


*sighs* i don't even know where to begin. okay. batteries. a battery that stores energy from sources other than fossil fuels will go a long way to continuing this way of life, but continuing this way of life will not solve "the country's energy crisis", because this way of life, pretty much in its entirety, is based on fossil fuels, and the consumption of. the only way to change the country's energy crisis is to change the way the country runs, not continue it.
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Cleaning up: Nano 'towel' soaks up oil spills

so "they" developed nano-technology and, before they fully understand it, they're using it everywhere they can find a use for it. this time it's to make "towels" that sop up oil spills in the ocean, but it has other uses, like in many cosmetics and cleaning supplies, for instance. no one mentions in these articles that "they" don't quite understand nano-technology or its side-effects (cancer in lab animals, for instance) and no one bothers to see the big point they're missing: if we stopped creating the pollution, we wouldn't have to "clean" it up.

technology saving us from the doom that technology creates. win-win situation. (for the corporate execs, anyway)
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the government is stopping fishing of salmon on huge chunks of the west coast. salmon populations are collapsing.

why is this missing the point? because the story misses the biggest cause of the die-off of the salmon people. the reason for them dying off is the same as the reason for the polar bear people dying off, for the panda bear people dying off, the lion people, the tiger people, the elephant people, all sorts of different kinds of bird people... and on and on... the reason is that there is not enough land for them to survive. or water, as is the case with the salmon people (and the shark people and the whale people and on and on). humans are taking all the land. taking all the trees. taking all the water (many rivers now do not reach the ocean). taking all the air. poisoning the land, the trees, the water, the air. the human people have over-populated the world, over-used the world, and now the world is tired and needs to rest. this means that all the people will die off. the salmon people are just one of them.

want to save the salmon people? get rid of the dams and industry that takes their fresh waters from them. don't write stupid articles that don't even mention the loss of habitat.
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i might continue this new theme. i mostly don't post about articles in the news. i get pissed off every time i read the news, but i read it anyway. but a "missing the point" tag seems like it could be interesting! so here's for the first one. i'll link to the news article, then explain why i think the point is being missed.

trial scheme to breathalyse children

and a GROSS misuse of the word "radical".


Children could be breathalysed under radical new plans to tackle underage drinking.

Police officers will also use test strips to check to see if soft drinks have been mixed with alcohol.


radical means to get to the root of. police officers being given carte blanche to stop and harrass children on the street is not getting to the root of "underage" drinking. getting to the root of it would be finding out why children drink. applying a band-aid (and a fucking dirty one at that) isn't addressing why children drink. of course, if they addressed why children drink, they'd have to attack the entire foundation of the society they've built, and they won't do that. children drinking, like crime, is a much needed part of their plan. it gives them more reason to make more laws, enact them, and have far more slaves to keep their machine going. increasing the legal drinking age is not a solution either, btw. if laws worked, the prison populations wouldn't keep increasing now, would they....

create a situation that people need "escape" from, then enact laws that tell them they can't escape, then create prisons to keep those that do try to escape confined. oh yeah. win, win situation there.

this article says that the kids will be taken to their parents. but what about the second and third time they get taken to their parents? because, you know, being taken to their parents doesn't solve the problems that they're trying to escape. and it won't stop them drinking. so what then? what is the next step? more and more rules and laws and confinements. because they obviously work so well, don't they.... /sarcasm.

it says that educating children and stopping underage sales is necessary. bull fucking shit. kids know about alcohol. it's been around for eons. they know the dangers, they know the fun. and they don't care about the first part. it's not even about the second part. and the sales will continue. kids will get older kids to buy it for them, they will steal it, and if they can't get it, they'll do something they can get instead, like glue, or petrol, or cold medicine. this isn't a new problem. it's not even a problem. it's part and parcel of an oppressive, uber-controlled civilisation that turns the living into the dead. crime, period, is a necessary part and parcel of civilisation. hence laws! don't do that = (time and again) do it! and do it again! and keep doing it! and don't stop!

so yeah. totally missing the point, and misusing a word to boot!


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