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Jun. 9th, 2008 09:24 am
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i had an experience the other day that reminded me that we are judged on what we do collectively. just as we see "tree" or "dog" or "water" or "bug", so we are seen; "human".

my beautiful friend, amanda, is a christian, one of the good, spiritual kind, not the dogmatic "thou shalt" kind. she gets fed up with all the blatant hatred directed at christians, she gets fed up being lumped into a box she doesn't fit in. my experience the other day tied right into my thoughts on that. i'm always slamming christians. collectively, as a whole, christianity has been one of the most awful things to happen to this planet, and to us as a species. the same can now be said of humanity.

i am a human. therefore *i* rape and torture, murder, destroy, commit genocide, ecocide. i go to work every day in a lab and torture other living beings. i work on a factory farm keeping animals in cages pumped up with chemicals, in a slaughter house as the head whacker of the animal hung upside down on the converer belt. i walk the deserts in the middle east, killing any brown person i see. i am the leader of a country, enforcing the lines in the sand, the classism, the sexism, the racism. i am a prison warden, keeping members of my own species locked up.

i am human. therefore, i am what collectively my species does.

it used to be that being human meant that i walked far, hunted sparingly, foraged graciously, connected and integral to the biodiversity of a flourishing planet. but no longer. now we are the virus that is forcing the planet to get rid of us.

i am human. that's not a good thing any more. modern human prides itself on its individuality, but only we view ourselves individually. to all others living here, we are one species. we are a collective. and, as such, we will suffer for what the collective us is doing. it doesn't matter how good we are, how different we are to others. like amanda being a loving spirit who follows jesus, she becomes tarred by what christianity as a whole has done. i don't murder or destroy, not directly, but the trees don't care. i'm a human, therefore, i am judged by what humanity as a whole is doing.

and what we are doing is destroying it all.


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