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can anyone help with any thoughts on what might be wrong....

the first time, i had flushed the toilet and used the hot water tap. i heard fast running water, turned out to be the water heater. it seemed as though the valve telling it when it's full had failed, so it was filling up from the tap on top, and overflowing and spewing out the side. i turned the water off at the tap on top and turned the power off at the mains. in the morning (it happened at night) it was okay.

it did it again night before last, but i had only used the toilet.

it did it again last night, but i had only used the toilet.

how the hell can there be a connection between flushing the toilet and the hot water tank? and why does it only do it at night? and what could be causing this problem?

i've emailed the landlord, and it's his thing to fix, but i wondered if any of you had any clues as to what could be doing this?

thanks. :) xxxxxxx
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oh, and for the record. i'm getting sick. my head is beginning to pound and my sinuses are really fucked up.

i'm keeping the kids in the living room, the kitchen, and the porch only. oh, and the bathroom, but only to pee.

i've been back and forth through the house taking pics and moving stuff, so have been really exposed to it. plus, the black mould is right by me where i am typing. i'm going to have to move the computer.


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