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quote of the day!

this remains anonymous because i haven't asked permission, but it's written by a livejournal friend and it's great, too great not to be nicked. :)

"Subbing has been a good, if someone trying change. I subbed last week for a 6th grade class, and discovered that I hate America's 12-18 year olds. They are arrogant, stupid, insular, cliquey, and uninspired. They listen to shitty music, have the attention span of a gnat, are all on drugs or so zoned out to the world around them they might as well be. They don't know, and they don't care, so they resent you trying to make them care. They are just what they're supposed to be, dumbed down, drugged up, apathetic cogs in the system. And they fucking wear it with pride. I've never had a more *pathetic* group of kids to teach!! Contrast that with my 2nd graders, over at L***. They are awesome. Inside, I think every good person has a an inner 2nd grader for a conscience. I feel like a second grader when I teach them. It's like hey, recess, Dr. Seuss and snack, fuck yeah! If we stopped treating wide eyed passion for free acquisition of knowledge as something to wiped out in favor of "routine" and "teaching to the test" then we as a nation may save our kids from becoming what my middle school kids have become. We would see an evolution of this society. I hope someday our children grow up to spit the utter bullshit we as a nation have given them back in our faces and say "this is unacceptable, the condition in which we inherited this world from you is unacceptable-and we're going to fix it." I hope they don't lose it all.

I'm an idealist, I know. I just want better. I want a world worth living in. I want beauty and truth and freedom and love and creativity and courage and laughing and dreaming. I want people to have the things they need to live a fulfilling life, and the desire and skills to obtain it. I want everyone to unleash their inner 2nd grader. The world would be so much better for it."


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